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Solutions dot WG GmbH
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Privacy Policy…

We start by looking for a solution – Solutions dot WG offers innovative consulting services that apply analytical and creative mental models right from the outset of every project. We create the space for visionary, conceptual and strategic ideas for professionals in the hospitality, gastronomy and tourism industries

so that they can hold their own and grow sustainably in an increasingly fierce economy. We have the tried-and-tested expertise, the drive to create measurable added value, the courage to rethink existing assignments and an interdisciplinary network of sharp-witted and uniquely talented experts.

Our Method

We view every project as its own start-up: a team of top-level specialists and lateral thinkers from a range of different fields are brought together to share their analytical and creative abilities

in order to create a powerful solution. We are well versed in forging networks with a 360° perspective. A key advantage: our international networks.



Managing Director
Willy Weiland graduated in hotel management with a focus on corporate strategies and positioning analysis. Having held senior management positions at a number of premium hotels over the years – most recently serving as the regional VP for Germany, Poland and Ukraine with a large international hotel group – he brings a wealth of practical and comprehensive expertise to the table. He has also held a leading position with a central association of the hotel management industry and is a member of various tourism committees. He has occupied a range of supervisory and advisory board positions with private companies from the hospitality, tourism and hospital management industries.



Managing Director
Having trained in tourism management, Wolfgang Gattringer is a controller and digitalisation expert with a passion for rethinking processes innovatively, laterally and sustainably. He has held leading supra-regional financial positions and served as general manager with international hotel chains. He is a shareholder and strategic advisor of an international IT company that provides software solutions und various services to the hospitality industry to great success.



Director Business Support
This internationally experienced tourism professional honed his expertise with a range of renowned European hotels in a number of different positions (among others, as the managing director of a boutique hotel), which has given him the ability to see the bigger picture. He was the customer service manager at a global IT company that develops software solutions for the hotel industry. Analytical knowledge gained from these positions has given him the know-how to set up studies on decision-making, as well as the expertise to initiate and supervise the information management of a project. He is our secret weapon when it comes to improving the outcome of practical management assignments in the field.



Operation & Research
Having graduated in human resources and hotel management, Simone Bilz supports the company’s extensive consulting services with research and analyses, and is in charge of all technical and operative communications within and between the project teams. She also supervises intricate internal processes and ensures that workflows run smoothly and that networks function. Her expertise is the result of practical experience gained in a number of different positions (among others as an associate director and national assistant director of human resources) with a range of different companies.




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Investor Reporting

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Real Estate

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Project and Concept Management

From development to implementation –…From development to implementation – we apply our 360°-mindset to each phase of a more




Solutions dot WG
Hospitality Advisory Alliance GmbH
Kranzer Strasse 6-7
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